What Do You Think Of Drip Dye Hair?

March 12, 2018

One hair colourist in the US has sparked a lively debate about hair colouring after trying what she describes as a drip hair colour.

In her Instagram feed, Taylor Rae posted photos of her new technique, which looks pretty cool – if rather messy. She essentially poured dye over the hair, rather than brushing it on. This isn’t quite as reckless as it sounds, as the different coloured sections were carefully separated by clingfilm to prevent the colours mixing.

She also diluted the dyes to allow them to drip in the way she wanted them to. Taylor told Allure that she started out by practising on a mannequin, before one of her clients volunteered to let her try the technique on her hair.

The result is a rather spectacular selection of rainbow hues, with magenta, orange, violet, blue topaz and teal the colours she used for her experiment.

“When it comes to dripping, the trick is to make sure to use colours that complement each other in each section to avoid creating an unwanted muddy colour,” Taylor explained.

She also revealed that she ran a wide-toothed comb through the hair after adding each colour to ensure it covered the hair properly.

If you want to achieve a new look as we move into summer, go and speak to your hair colourist in Clapham about your options – although probably not a drip dye colour.

We recently highlighted some of the top hair colour trends for the summer, which include shades such as ultraviolet, marshmallow and burnt orange.

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