Top Tips To Prevent Your Colour From Fading

April 17, 2018

There’s nothing worse than getting a great new hair colour, only to see it start to fade after just a few weeks. But what can you do to prevent your hair colour from fading? One of the big things to remember is that an out-of-the-box dye isn’t going to be as good as a salon colour, so it’s worth spending the money to go to a hair colourist in Clapham for the best results.

One reader posed this question to Refinery29 recently, and the website offered some advice, which you might also find useful.

Firstly, when you’re looking for a colourist you should make sure that anyone you book an appointment with will give you a full consultation – this is essential so that they can find out about your history, hair type and hair care routine before they apply any dye.

Make sure you’re honest with your colourist about how often you can afford repeat visits to the salon. They can suggest products with minimal regrowth, for instance, so that you don’t need to book in quite as often.

Investing in good-quality shampoo, preferably one that’s sulfate free, is worth the expense. As the website points out, “you’re essentially rinsing all the money you just spent down the drain if you don’t use the right products”.

This advice goes whether you’re having your hair dyed a natural shade or going for something a little bit more exotic. Last month we highlighted the kaleidoscope hair trend, which is essentially a softer take on the rainbow hair look.

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