Say Hello To Kaleidoscope Hair In 2018

March 22, 2018

This year is all about taking hair dyeing to the next level, whether you fancy drip dyeing your locks or turning them sexy and silver. However, one look you might not have thought about yet is kaleidoscope hair.

So what is this exciting new trend?

Well, imagine having a unicorn-meets-rainbow hairstyle that is both subtle and pretty in equal measure. Ladies all around the world are already loving this look, with the pale colours gently blending into one another.

Hello! magazine

has called it the “most Instagrammable hair colour combo we’ve ever seen”, with the pastel shades adding a softness and girliness to the wearer

The most amazing thing about this hairstyle is that it looks as though your hair is constantly changing shades when you move, as the blocks of colour don’t necessarily line up with each other.

It was created by hairstylist Lindsay Wolf, who told Allure magazine it was inspired by the rainbows from her hometown of Portland, USA.

“I knew I wanted it to be a softer take on bolder rainbow hair looks I’d been seeing a lot of,” she stated, adding that she wanted the colours to look “as though they were melting into each other”.

Well, here at Gro London, the best hair salon in Clapham, we love the look and think it’s going to take the world by storm this year.

It works best on icy blonde hair, so you might need to lighten your natural hair colour first before giving this a go. Unfortunately, the colours are so light, it won’t work on brunettes, unless you take the leap into platinum blonde hair first. Add some waves to your hair as well, as this will really give the illusion of swirling colours!

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