Polynesian Protection For Your Hair & Skin – Virtues & Benefits Of Monoi Oil

April 17, 2018

Genetics, environment, lifestyle are all factors which contribute to the health and condition of our hair. The good news is that natural remedies have provided us with many answers, in the form of vegetable and plant-based oils. Working in close affinity with the structure of our scalp’s epidermis, naturally occurring molecules including fatty acids and ceramides reinforce cellular strength, support internal fibres and replenish its defences.

The best source for these crucial nutrients is from plant-extracts and vegetable oils. In this article, we shall be looking specifically at Monoi Oil.

Monoi oil comes from the Tahitian Gardenias, better known as Tiaré Tahiti flowers, a shrub from the Rubiaceae family. Originally the oil was part of traditional Polynesian medicine, as a mild pain-relief ointment, however due to its natural beauty and importance within the culture of the islands, it has since become the symbol of the subregion of Oceania; made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean. Produced by macerating the petals in coconut oil, it has since been used within modern facial, body, hair and massage products.

The reason why it is so popular is due to it rehydrating and enriching properties. Specifically in regards to hair, Monoi oil will help repair and strengthen follicles, and bring shine to outer layer of your hair. Its moisturizing properties make it perfect for dry skin and is suitable to use it all year long to protect your skin from environmental factors. In addition to this, Monoi oil prevents dehydration of the skin and is therefore very useful during exposure to the sun, as it allows you to tan without drying the epidermis; you can also use it as an after-sun. Be careful, however, as it does not replace a sun / UV protection cream.

For use as a hair mask, coat your hair with Monoi oil and cover with a warm towel for 20 minutes or all the night, according to your needs. Used regularly, in the morning and at night, your skin will become very soft and supple. Monoi was traditionally used for massaging the skin of very young children to protect their delicate skin. It is therefore an excellent massage oil to relax and moisturize your skin at the same time. You can use it for your hands and feet or simply pour a few drops into your bath after a long tiring day: guaranteed relaxation time! When storing the oil, note that below 22°C, the Monoi will solidify due to the natural chemistry of the product. To warm it up, pass the bottle under a stream of hot water or keep it near a heat source in winter.

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