Jennifer Lawrence Film Gets Hair Dye Dressing Down

March 14, 2018

If you’ve ever had any experience with dyeing your hair, you’ll know that to go from brunette to blonde, especially platinum blonde, you’ve no option but to head to the best hair colourist Clapham has to offer. With a DIY bottle job, you’ve got no chance.

Don’t believe us, then take a look at the backlash to new Jennifer Lawrence film Red Sparrow, not for her questionable Russian accent but for a scene in which her character undergoes a dramatic DIY transformation.

In looking to transform her look as she becomes a Russian spy, not only does J-Law go from dark brown to platinum blonde with one box of hair dye, she even applies it without using gloves.

Of course, if you noticed this scene and thought it a little bit unbelievable, you can imagine how Twitter felt about it.

Beauty editor at Allure Sable Yong (@sabletoothtigre) said what we were all thinking, accord to Yahoo News: “Not that I was expecting Red Sparrow to be an accurate representation of what it’s like to be a Russian spy but I draw the g-d line at dyeing your hair brunette to blonde with BOX DYE & WITHOUT GLOVES. Consider my disbelief the opposite of suspended!!”

Just to add, in the next scene, she also goes swimming.

Getting from dark brunette to platinum blonde is definitely an in-salon job, and will take at least several hours. You need to work with a specialist hair colour technician as, without expertise, you can risk damaging the condition of your hair.

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