2018 Is The Year For Brightly Coloured Hair

April 24, 2018

Women are becoming bolder and more daring with their hairstyles, and long gone are the times when the most adventurous thing to do with their tresses was getting highlights. These days, ladies are opting for bright colours when it comes dyeing their hair, with 2018 being the year all girls go big with their colouring, or go home.

So, which celebrity has embraced this courageous look and covered up their natural shade with a more outlandish colour?


Katy Perry

Songstress Katy Perry has never been afraid to experiment with her locks, and changes her style more often than you change your socks. So it is no surprise that she is a big advocate for this season’s brightly coloured hair trend.

Earlier this month, the Roar singer revealed her short pixie hairdo had been dyed… bright pink.

She showed her fans the new look on her Instagram account, saying she was inspired by “the beauty of cherry blossoms” while travelling around Asia on her latest tour.

The 33-year-old has kept her roots brunette, adding shocking pink to the rest of her cropped do.


Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Fans of Little Mix will know the girls love to switch up their looks from time to time, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, particularly, enjoys going for bolder styles.

This time, she has chosen to wow crowds on their world tour by adding green highlights to her naturally black locks.

Again, she revealed her poker straight hairstyle on Instagram, teaming the neon green tresses with a matching sheer cropped top. So far, the image has amassed more than 371,000 likes the world over!


Kim Kardashian-West

Every time you blink it seems Kim Kardashian-West has a new hair colour, and this year alone she has been silver, blonde and bright pink.

After enjoying the platinum look for a few months, she showed fans a totally different style in February by dyeing her hair sugary-pink while visiting Japan for work. She confirmed she doesn’t “really do wigs”, so every transformation is with her own natural hair.

The reality TV star is currently back to her dark brunette colour, but who knows how long it will be before she switches up her look again and adds a different shade to her tresses? As always, the mother-of-three is keeping us on our toes when it comes to her trendsetting styles.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora is also not afraid of setting trends, and the Anywhere singer turned up at the Teen Choice Awards in LA with a multitude of shades in her hair.

Although she opted for a very sophisticated chignon hairdo, you couldn’t help but notice the neon-yellow colour most prominent in her locks. You could also see orange, pink and – her usual favourite – honey-coloured tresses tucked in her hairstyle as well.

The 27-year-old has also revealed bright blue hair in the past, having previously posted an Instagram photo of herself with fluorescent blue locks and captioning the image with #bluehairday.

If you feel inspired to add some colour to your hair, why not get in touch with our fabulous hairdresser in Clapham for advice on how you can transform your look today?

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